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Progress Report - April 2010

Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the SMP are now substantially complete, although the stakeholder database will continue to be updated throughout, as new stakeholders register or existing ones change.

In December 2008, a letter enclosing a Questionnaire was sent out to all potential stakeholders.  The letter asked them to respond and register - preferably on line either an interest in the Review process or the ability to share coastal data which they may possess. Together, with information already gleaned a database containing more than 400 data sources has been produced and there are now over 700 stakeholders registered.

Work has progressed on the Stage 3 Policy Development tasks, which include policy definition, assessment and options identification.  This work has now led to the drawing up of preferred policies to be recommended by the client steering group, for comment/feedback by elected members, to be followed by publication.

Feedback on policy options have now been received and the Draft shoreline management plan is out for the Stage 4 Public Consultation phase, this phase will seek endorsement of the preferred policies for adoption.  The consultation period will run until 17th June 2010. Please see the link to the Draft document above

Throughout the SMP Review, engagement with stakeholders has been a key element, ashas consultation with elected members.

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